Polar Studio

What is Polar Studio?

  • Polar Studio is a rapid Application Development Environment (RAD) to create high-quality Web-based Business Applications in record-time!
  • Polar Studio provides the features and integration to coexist within your current Database Management System like SQL Server and MS Access.
  • Polar Studio delivers applications with a robust Workflow engine and Role-based access control and permissions at table, field and even workflow state level!
  • Polar Studio can automate and standardize to help reduce your Business Process Management problems. Enjoy the flexibility, ease of use, scalability, and cost savings that you can achieve from implementing Polar Studio Applications in your environment today.

What can you do using Polar Studio?

  • With Polar Studio you easily build sophisticated, secure, multi-user, relational data-entry applications for your Access or SQL Server databases.
  • Develop with Polar Studio (Windows), and deploy on any Operating System, using a Standard Browser
  • The sophisticated applications allow users to manipulate data, accessibility depends on the applied rights for the user, using a standard web browser.
  • It's ideal for building a sophisticated data-entry application in record time without programming, but is equally well suited for developers who want to save time when creating more complex applications while taking the tedium out of building data entry/search forms.

Features include:

  • Intuitive Integrated Development Environment
  • Transaction Tracking (automatic mechanism)
  • Multi Language Support (default 10 translations possible)
  • Visual Form Designer
  • Script Wizard (helps you with processing all events using Skeletons and Code Completion)
  • Data Entry Validation
  • Secure Login Support, using hardware or software based tokens
  • Integrated Workflow Management
  • Web Based Reporting
  • Web Based user-account management
  • Full control over design
  • Multi-form GUI in browser made clear using form-tabs
  • Advanced HTML Webcontrols
  • AJAX-based searchable dropdown control, to support a dropdown with hundreds (up to milions) of options
  • Pick Lists for selecting linked records
  • Master/Detail support
  • Date Picker and Date Time Picker controls
  • Scripted custom controls can be adapted to meet specific needs
  • Full unicode support, switched on by default
  • Domain controlled entry fields
  • Integrated Web-Server in the Development Environment for testing applications
  • Passed security reviews for banking and medical applications
  • Over 200 help-pages (context sensitive)
  • Much more....

Permissions in Polar Studio

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