Customisation is our added value

The right software makes life easier on all fronts. On this basis, Blue Polar has been building applications for renowned companies for years now. At Blue Polar we offer ready-to-use products, but we also realize complete tailor-made solutions. We do this with comparable costs and lead time as similar products in the market. Are you looking for that one special application that fits your business like a glove? We have over 15 years of experience in building and implementing customized solutions. Feel free to contact us and experience how we can help your organization move forward with the right software.

We develop

It’s the result that counts: the best software solution for your organization. To realize this, we have some priorities: getting good insight into the way you want to work and wanting to know exactly what you expect from your new software. Therefore, in our collaboration process, we distinguish the following 4 steps:

We listen

We design

We develop

We implement

Our products

The applications below are ready for use. We developed them based on our experience and expertise. Of course, adjustments and additions are possible. This is how we customize your applications.

Polar Personnel Planner

A leave registration, personnel planning and timesheets in one. Learn more >

Polar Virtual Service Desk

All your organization processes in one streamlined system. Learn more >

Polar Exams

Endless convenience for you and your exam candidates. Learn more >

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