Polar Personal Planner:
A leave registration, personal planning and timesheet in one

Do you employ many part-time and/or flexible staff with different (leave) hours? This can lead to confusion. For example, who is present and who is not? Is there understaffing or overstaffing? With Polar Personnel Planner you have the ability to import the number of working hours per employee. The scheduling software calculates the hours of leave immediately.


What’s so unique about Polar Personnel Planner? All employees are scheduled based on their skills. All you have to do is specify the number of people you need with specific skills at specific times per location. The planner will check if you can meet this schedule. If there is under capacity, the online planner will offer you planning proposals.


Isn’t that handy? Your employees can log in to Polar Personnel Planner using their mobile phones. They can ask for leave and indicate to work extra. If there is a staff shortage on a working day, you will immediately receive a notification from the online planner.


Careful registration ensures grip on processes. Polar Personnel Planner allows you to register the number of hours worked on a project or activity per employee. This employee has a limited access login account, and can easily pass on the number of hours worked per project. At the touch of a button, you can run a report, handing you a complete overview of all your employees and the hours worked. Polar Personnel Planner also comes in useful regarding the registration of costs and kilometers.


Are you looking for a leave registration, timesheets, cost and kilometer registration and staff planning in one? Please contact us for more non-binding information today!


  • Leave registration, personnel planning
    and timesheets in one
  • Understaffing is spotted at an early stage
  • Reports from worked hours on projects
  • Registration of costs and kilometers

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Polar Virtual Service Desk:
All your organization processes in one streamlined system

There are several internal and external parties that provide services. In it’s totally, this can become complex. And the more complex the changes are, the more likely errors will be made. Why not choose for overview?


The Polar Virtual Service Desk is a user-friendly system that registers (overarching) business processes, contract management and integral complaint registration in one place. Standardized work processes are effortlessly implemented to other departments. Moreover, the probability of exceeding turnaround times of questions is small, as employees can signal delays at an early stage.


Of course, you do not want every employee to have full access to the Virtual Service Desk. Therefore, different access levels are built within the system. Result is an optimal control of secure access to limited data.


Curious how we streamline your organization through the Virtual Service Desk? Feel free to contact us!


  • User-friendly
  • All work processes registered in one place
  • Safe data management
  • Signaling backlogs on time

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Polar Exam:
Endless convenience for you and your exam candidates

A lot of valuable time goes into checking examinations. The exam system Polar Exams offers a solution. Ideal: From now on the paper and online exams can be held and checked at the same time. For example, you can test a small group of candidates online using tablets, while at the same time a large group is taking the paper exams.


The online exams are made in the application Polar Exams. All candidates receive a login account (with limited access) and a confirmation of participation. This allows them to start their exam at the scheduled time. When the candidate has completed the exam, you can choose to show if the candidate has passed or failed. After all, the system can check the exam immediately.


Paper exams sometimes seem old-fashioned, but they still offer a lot of benefits. Especially when you do not have to check these exams yourself. The benefits of Polar Exams? The exam is defined in Polar Exams. You can assign different versions to random candidates, minimizing the chance of fraud. For this randomization, you use “random order”, “random answer order,” “alternatives,” and “drawings.” You can also choose for a combination of these possibilities. You can complete the exams online or print them. Reviewing the exams via our Polar Exams app was never quicker and easier. All you have to do is scan the answer sheet. The application checks how many questions are right and wrong immediately. This not only saves you a lot of time, you can also give your candidates their results quickly. In addition, you have the ability to digitally scan attendance lists during the exam session, so that only supervised candidates get a result.


Curious about this smart way of examining? Feel free to contact us for non-binding information!


  • Online and offline exams for big groups
  • Direct review
  • Composing exams easily
  • Randomization of questions
  • Assigning versions

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